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Founded in 1992 Information Assurance Strategies (IAS) Limited was established to meet the growing demand for experienced Information Assurance specialists for both the public and private sector. Since then in line with the changes in technology and the ever increasing number of threats that are faced when doing business "online", IAS is still providing advice and guidance to their customers about how to do this safely and securely.

Roy Isbell

Roy Isbell MSc IEng FIET FBCS CITP (Managing Partner)
The founding partner of IAS is a successful businessman and entrepreneur as well as a communications and information security consultant with over 30 year’s experience. After an engineering apprenticeship he joined the UK Armed Forces where he completed a successful career in communications and information systems engineering leaving in 1993. Roy holds an HND in Communications Engineering, a Masters Degree in Information Security and is currently working on his PhD in Operational Security Management for Business. He is a Keynote Speaker, Guest Lecturer, Fellow of the British Computer Society, Certified Information Technology Practitioner, Fellow of the Institute of Engineering & Technology and a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

Matthew IsbellMatthew Isbell MSc BSc(Hons) (Head of Technical Services)
Responsible for developing and delivery of the IAS technical portfolio he is a fully trained and experienced crime scene investigator who has added digital forensics to his unique set of skills and competencies. Matthew holds a Bachelors degree in Forensic Science (University of Lincoln) and a Masters degree in Forensic Computing (DeMontfort University). Matthew is currently researching Operational Forensics as a discipline within Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.

IAS Ltd. has provided Information Assurance advice and guidance to governments and business globally and has been involved in integrating and developing operational security processes and technologies, recent engagements include:

  • Advising on the development and establishment of a National Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT) to provide CSIRT, R&A and Awareness services to its constituents.
  • Development of a Strategy to implement a PCI Compliant Information Security Regime to a UK Company who extensively use Payment Cards in their day to day business.
  • Expert Witness relating to investigation following compliance audit. Audit found non compliance in operational aspects of Information Security.

IAS Ltd. works with strategic business partners to fully provide a range of services to meet the Information & Cyber Security needs of both business and governments. Please contact us for more information if you wish to become a strategic partner.


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Effective Information Assurance involves establishing a regime of controls using People, Process & Technology in such a way as to be effective in keeping information safe. The concept of Situational Awareness is a key concept involved in IA and the protection of critical business infrastructure using Cyber Security Technologies. Constant monitoring of emerging threats allow proportional countermeasures to be deployed before the threat becomes credible. In addition a response capability should be planned and established. Whilst no one expects the worst it is prudent to plan for it. All of this is done with a view to supporting the business function.